A Stormy Day One

The convention's first day was buffeted a bit by a couple of storms; hurricane Gustav, which to everyone's relief has been less devastating than feared, and Bristol Palin whose out-of-wedlock pregnancy blew in unexpectedly.

The sentiments here regarding the Palin pregnancy are that the Palin family is a normal American family with all the typical joys and problems most families experience. Issues such as teen pregnancy confront American women and their families everyday. Now this issue is on the national stage for discussion. It is not a Republican or Democrat issue; it is an issue of American families needing two incomes to make ends meet. Stay-at-home mothers are a luxury few American families can afford. It is an issue of family values and proper response.

And, while a 17 year-old daughter getting pregnant may not be a joy in this case, the way the Palin's are responding to it is commendable. Bristol will carry the child to term and marry the father of the child.

This situation should draw new attention to teen age pregnancy, new understandings to the struggles of working mothers, new understandings of family values, new understanding of government funding, new understanding for unwed mothers, and a reintroduction of family values when the man marries the girl he has impregnated and stays with the family. This is an opportunity for boys who want to act like men, to become men, not just take the easy way out and join the dead-beat dad society.

Because the convention was disrupted by concerns for fellow Americans facing the potential devastation from Gustav, we here at the convention took a broken play and made some good yardage with it. While most of the opening convention ceremonies and activities were cancelled, we used that time to hold impromptu fund raisers.

For example, last night's "Cigar Party" planned by Governor Schwarzenegger and Rudi Giuliani held at the Normandy Steakhouse in downtown Minneapolis became a fund raising event. Although the state budget mess kept the governor at home, Rudi was there along with a large group who managed to raise over $50,000 for the McCain campaign.
The Normandy is located on the roof of one of Minneapolis' buildings and opens to a roof top garden. The weather was typical for Midwest summer-hot and humid. Good cigar smoking weather.

Today, the convention is back on schedule, and I am headed to the Finance Committee luncheon.

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