Women Are Energized by Palin

Day two of the convention saw things returned to "as planned." At the Finance Committed luncheon, where I ran into Phil Gramm, former senator from Texas and former co-chair of the McCain campaign, it was announced that the McCain campaign had received a total of $200 million from over 1.1 million donors. That's an average of $182 per donor, which indicates to me that support for John McCain isn't just coming from the very wealthy. His support is broader than some people would like to think.

Most noticeable at the convention yesterday was the charged atmosphere among the women. Clearly, they have been energized by the selection of Sarah Palin as McCain's running mate. At the Women's Majority Network meeting, I spoke with Carly Fiorina, a McCain advisor and the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, who observed that women have been "sensitized" by Hilary Clinton's campaign for the presidency and will take note of how women aspiring to office are treated, especially how Sarah Palin is treated. Fiorina went on to say that "the Democrats can no longer hold women hostage with the Roe vs. Wade issue anymore." Women's issues and concerns are broader than that one single issue, and women's potential as a political force (they are 54% of the electorate) is coming to realization during this presidential campaign.

David Lack and Mary Belle Snow (Montecito resident) with Carly Fiorina, McCain advisor and former CEO and Chairwoman of Hewlett-Packard.

Also attending the Women's Majority meeting were Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, Michael Steele, current GOPAC chairman, and former Oklahoma congressman and pro quarterback, J.C. Watts. Watts, who was GOPAC's chairman some years back, remarked that although you get tired of all the work involved with politics, you never get tired _in _the work. Exhausted, he left the political arena in 2002, but still loves being involved with the party.

Being involved in the selection and election of men and women who will lead the greatest nation on earth is an exhilarating experience. But, you don't have to attend a political party's convention to be involved in this process of selection. Every voter has the opportunity to get involved on Election Day.

Outside the RNC convention, David Lack conducts a friendly discussions with protestors.

Anyone still concerned about John McCain's age and vitality had those concerned allayed after seeing McCain's mother at the convention. She is 96 years old, fit, alert, and energetic. Looking at her, you can't believe she is 96. She looks much younger that that. Age that you measure with a calendar is not necessarily a true measure of youth.

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