Sarah Palin Shows That She's Got It

Sarah Palin's speech last night galvanized the convention crowd and reassured everyone that McCain's VP choice was well considered. She's a winner who will ignite a political revolution among women reminiscent of the Reagan Revolution.

I had an intriguing conversation with former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, during which we concluded that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will eventually support expansion of oil drilling off California's coast in order to increase the flow of funds into the state's overdrawn treasury. California Democrats won't be able to resist the new money and will go along with the Governor.

David Lack with Todd Palin at today's RNC luncheon with Cindy McCain and the Palin family.

Gingrich is fascinated by California and is writing a new book about the state in which he explores its status as a near stand-alone economic and socio-political entity. Maybe it's not the South that will rise again, maybe it's the California Republic.

I chatted with Karl Rove yesterday afternoon. Rove will be with us at the New Majority meeting in Los Angeles on September 16th. Rove refers to me as the "green builder" because I have been persistently pushing for the George W. Bush Presidential Library to be built green. In fact, I have been steadily introducing to my fellow Republicans the concept of green building as part of the solution to end the outsourcing of energy - what is commonly referred to as "dependence on foreign oil." Green buildings are more energy efficient. The less energy we use and the more we generate from our own sources here in America, means the less we have to outsource from other nations, many of which are, at best, lukewarm friends.

Today, I'm on my way to a luncheon with Cindy McCain and the entire Palin family.

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