Cold Christmas

I don't know where I got it but I've always had an inkling that everything wasn't connected, despite what the oneist told me. The material world, if you if you give it the most casual of inspections, has obvious seams, parts, everything comes in pieces, whether they be atoms and molecules, or lungs and spleens... The only things that seem capable of tying it all together, the only entities that seem to have a prayer of making sense of it all are you and me. It really is up to us. You can give the job to the cosmologists or the theologians but at bottom it's up to you to experience this, your moment.

Be your own, and the Universe's most relentless champion; Do your level best today and know that the Universe, faithful as an old dog, will do it's level best; Die if you must; rest well, friend.

Merry Christmas.

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