pray there is no justice

your fear got the best of you, gained momentum and broke against the gates of Baghdad with a terrifying sound: Murder. words of love and freedom stirred your tongue but all that issued from your mouth was rockets; we produce lots of rockets, you and i.

even if you ride a bicycle to a minimum-wage job you’ve still purchased at least one (1) projectile, it is deadly and it is accurate and it is your personal gift to the children of the earth.

we are the poisoned well from which the world drinks; we are the rib-showing dog with teeth they cannot trust; we are the dying oak leaning, leaning against the nations.

finally, above it all loiters the flag, the flag which has cast it’s shadow over more corpses than Jehovah; whether you burn it or kneel to it it’s red, white and blue helix is knotted around your soul.

every tank of gas you buy, every soda you drink, every tax you pay, every newspaper cast upon your doorstep exposes you for what you are: a Goddam American.

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