The Ninth Day Of Creation

  1. Adam lay with Eve beneath an infant moon

  2. and listened as the Creator moved to and fro

  3. to and fro amongst the supple trees. Sap and

  4. twigs were in His beard and in His hand

  5. He held a stick with which He poked and prodded

  6. poked and prodded everything He saw. Mud and

  7. nettles clung to His sandals while a solitary fly

  8. swam through the thick night air around and around

  9. around and around the Deity's enormous head. Adam and

  10. Eve lay still as stones in their hiding-place as God

  11. crashed and blundered and stumbled up and down

  12. up and down His bewildering Garden paths because

  13. Because all flesh is one, God banged through the night like a wounded lover.

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