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Poverty, population and pollution

Poverty, pollution and population are a cycle that needs to be broken.

Abuse of students

There is such a lack of opportunity in the Philippines that schools and hospitals take advantage of the students.

Dependence and Population

Population, poverty and pollution are inter related.

War as a Symptom of Injustice

Is war a symptom of our lifestyles?

Overpopulation and Overseas Workers

Living close to the poor in the Philippines teaches me where the solutions lie. Overseas workers are holding up a cultural model that threatens the planet. They are seen by the poor family as the way out of poverty and so the parents equate many children with hope.

Return to Kaputian

A brief return to Kaputian, a paradise on Samal Island that is spoiled by the lack of law enforcement, lasted only weeks before it became obvious that the law would not be enforced by anyone there.

Poverty and Pollution in Paradise

Lack of law enforcement leads to poverty and pollution in the Philippines.

Smuggling in Palawan

Laws in the Philippines are seldom enforced.

Chemical Fertilizers, agricultural terrorism

It is chemical farming that is the cause of the explosions in Texas.

Homesteading Fraud in Palawan

The good efforts to empower the poor with agricultural land is being threatened by a few frauds.

Homesteading in the frontier of Palawan

Although the Philippines has an equal rights amendment and there have been two female presidents, sexism is rampant in rural families.

Priests and Recovery

Catholic missionaries got AA and Al-Anon going in the Philippines.

Taxpayer case for retiring abroad

Retirees that may need subsidized housing should look into retiring abroad.

Law Enforcement in Kaputian

Kaputian is a true natural paradise except for the tyranny of noise.

Bishop Claver

A respected Jesuit priest acknowledges that scripture does not support the ban of contraceptives.

Poverty programs

The only program that will guarantee a sustainable future is population stability.

Modern Day Slavery

Is this slavery, abuse or just the cost of poverty?

The Tyranny of Noise

Can noise be a weapon?

Island Garden City of Samal

Retired at last!

Idolizing Aggressors

Can we create mentors who are peacemakers, not aggressors?


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