Ants and us

As summer begins (it was late this year, usually March through May but delayed by la nina), the ants have taken over here in Bohol. They are everywhere and as I prepare to take a freighter to Manila I fear they are stowing away in my bags and maybe my GI system. There are large swarms of black ants that do not bite or sting but cover your arm when you touch something. Then there are the tiny darters, so small they are almost microscopic. If they were the size of a ferrari they would outrun one. You can scarcely feel the darters on your skin because they do not touch the hairs, they run through them like a forest.

Makes me miss Bob Potter more because only he would know the images that come to me from Gabriel Marquez's book 100 Years of Solitude. The author used the ants to point out the shortcomings of us humans, who cannot cooperate or sacrifice for the common good like the ants. But when I have a swarm of harmless black ones on my hand or arm there is an unforgettable image at the end of the novel that comes to strong that it is hard to believe that I did not see it, only read it (sign of a great author!).

I have completed my mission of preaching the gospel of rice duck in the Philippines with the exception of Luzon and now I go there. You can see images of the recent rice duck training at my flikr account on my emails. If you want to see it simply, send me an email or go to flikr andersonlane47

I leave Bohol with sadness over the apparent poisoning of an entire flock of working ducks in Mindanao, where it is catching on and costing both the agri chemical industry and the balut industry some of their profits. More can be learned at

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