Downsizing Post Office

Instead of downsizing our postal service, look to what the postal service can do. In a time of climate chaos when we need a good mass transit system serving all our communities, the postal service delivers mail in large vehicles to all the communities. The Post Office once provided the first mass transit in the USA along with delivering the mail. The first stage coaches, Butterfield, Wells Fargo and others were postal service contracts. In fact many of the immigrants to North America may have arrived on mail ships. The RMS Titanic was a Royal Mail Ship. Many countries use postal vehicles to transport people and finish their mass transit systems. Switzerland does so and the Swiss system is among the best and most complete in the world. They use buses, varying from the size of van to full size buses to deliver mail and passengers to rural communities.

There is no reason we cannot preserve postal services while restoring the rightful role of the postal service in mass transit. Many rural communities will never have mass transit available unless we do it that way.

Respectfully yours,

Rowland Lane Anderson, Retired Letter Carrier

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