Population, Paternity, Empowerment and Peace

The most pressing problem in the Philippines is out of control population, people spilling into the streets and sleeping everywhere. The Philippines is the world leader in texting and single motherhood! I have traveled many months and spoken to many throughout the Philippines on poverty and I think that the abandonment of children by fathers is a key ingredient in both the poverty and population problems. A lead attorney in the PAO, Philippine Attorneys Office has told me that the main obstacle in making deadbeat dads support their children is the cost of a paternity test. Once the child is abandoned by the father, the single mother must somehow come up with 25,000 pesos (about $600, more than the annual salary for a nurse) to have the test she would need to prove paternity under the law. The Violence Against Women Act, Republic 9262 of 2002 establishes as a crime failure to support a child. True justice would be served when paternity tests are provided single mothers just as they are rape victims. The cost of impoverished children who cannot reach their potential is high and more than the cost of the tests.

Rowland Lane Anderson for Veterans For Peace RP Project

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