Getting It Right

Today in the Philippines there is a harsh awakening as to the costs of ignoring warnings about climate chaos. Catholic Archbishop Antonio Ledesma is the head of the Climate Change Congress of the Philippines and is the Archbishop for the region now struggling to recover from a recent typhoon. He has been warning government officials about the cost of deforestation and lack of flood planning but the officials saw it as "Henny Penny, the sky is falling..." Now more than a thousand people are dead due to a lack of action.

Now there is an opportunity to build a sustainable model for agriculture in an area very close to the population center of the Philippines. There are 17 hectares of property in Tanay, near Metro Manila, that are slated to be cultivated and used to train farmers. This is an area where millions of urban settlers may be convinced to return to farming as a way of life. The consequences of doing this right, with natural systems, is huge! We need to develop a business plan that focuses on sustainability and empowerment of the small farmer. I am hoping that you know someone who will help on this. If so contact me and/or Father Ben Beltran at

Best wishes, Lane Anderson for Veritas Social Empowerment

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