Family Farms

The United Nations has recognized the importance of family farms to the Philippines: Article.aspx?articleId=762690& publicationSubCategoryId=63

Finally we see where agriculture goes wrong. Industrial farming has begun to force family farmers out of business and into the cities, much as it has done in the USA and elsewhere. But how do you keep them down on the farm after they've seen the mall?

We hope this can be accomplished by making family farming more productive, profitable and fulfilling...the last being very important. Retirees from around the world may join the Department of Agriculture, the Presidential Commission for the Urban Poor and Veritas Social Empowerment, an activist wing of the Catholic Church to make this happen. I traveled among the islands of the Philippines this year for five months, visiting six islands and more than a dozen provinces and passing on information about integrated rice duck farming, a natural method that increases yield while reducing inputs. I was welcomed and appreciated where ever I shared the information. After sharing it with the Governor of Bohol, I was asked to return and train his staff. While doing this work I have felt that I am truly helping my new homeland and felt that others feel that way as well. The plan is to use direct marketing and natural methods to increase both profit and product for the family farmers.

Rowland Lane Anderson

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