Holydays at the church

In the past I have stayed at the Catholic Trade Center or Divine Word Colleges but this season I stayed at Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in Quezon City, the parish that Father Ben is assigned to now. It is a big church with a history and the namesake of its barangay or neighborhood. When full it contains nearly a thousand faithful and more than often it has been overfull with people standing and many times during the day. I go to observe, still not a Catholic or Christian in the strict sense..God as I understand God is too good to take sides. The voice of the priests modulates in a way that reminds me of the call to prayer of the Muslim Imam. I never attended mass before, my grandparents and parents were protestant or agnostics. I remember my friend Goolie, a singer and musician used to quip like that "My father can beat your father at dominooooos" using that modulation but I never really got it until I heard the priests at mass. Funny the things you remember from childhood!

Last night was a special mass for New Year's Eve and the church was full of people and music with fireworks in the background. The people are very big on fireworks here and thousands are injured every year with hundreds of amputations. The Archbishop wrote in the paper that noise does not scare the evil away, evil thrives on noise. I went alone onto the top floor of the church, near the belfry, to watch the fireworks at midnight. It may have been the best view in the city.

Happy New Year all!!

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