Farewell to Philippines


As you see here (in the ps part) I take the Catholic Fathers to task for several things that have been a topic of civil and intelligent discussion between us for some time. These are the same points I have been trying to make with my VFP comrades, about empowering women and the use of alcohol. You could read priest and bishop as President and Executive Director if you wish

In solidarity, Slow Lane Anderson

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Thank you for your hospitality as I attempted my mission preaching the gospel of integrated rice duck farming. I will board a plane soon but keep in touch by email. I hope to return in October or November to resume the mission in a practical way by assisting in implementing integrated rice duck, first with the Divine Word College of San Jose and then in Bohol. I will be available for other installations of rice duck. The first pilot projects on Mindoro should be starting with this season at Father Betong's Parish in Columnal and at the MINSCAT near Victoria with the assistance of Father Situ. In Bohol the Provincial Government will have demonstration farms in three locations and I may work in Duero after a committment in San Jose. Madre de Agua (Trichanthera) cuttings will soon be available at the Catholic Trade Center as cuttings in pots and in the ground by the drip in the parking lot/courtyard are thriving.

Thanks again for your support and hospitality,

Rowland Lane Anderson for Veterans For Peace and Veritas Social Empowerment

ps, thoughts on departure:

Several good books have been recommended to me during my stay, "Revolution From The Heart", "Inculturation and Filipino Theology" by Father Mercado and Bishop Claver's on local churches. I have only just begun the last. As a universalist observing Catholicism from an outsider's perspective I think that the progress toward universalism of Vatican II is the best thing the church has done along with real expressions of Vatican II like that of Father Beltran in Tondo and Father Nial O'Brien and Father Brian Gore on Negros. It seems to be only partially realized and when the church concedes that, indeed, all the major religions of the world are equally valid and that salvation lies in personal integrity, in the willingness to act upon the teachings of your faith and the direction of God within the person, then the evolution of Catholicism will match the modern world (or at least my own beliefs ). I see places, issues where the Catholic church is far behind Islam and Buddhism. As an AA sponsor I hear the confessions of alcoholics. Probably you do as well. Islam and Buddhism recognize the suffering caused by alcoholic beverages but Christianity ignores that suffering.

Another place where I find the Catholic Church inferior to some other religious institutions is in the empowerment of women. I have also heard some of the suffering that comes of the Filipina's submissive and compliant traditional role. The Philippines has the greatest number of single mothers of any society because women do not feel empowered to make the choices and insist upon their rights. I don't want to get into the details but think any of you who hear confessions understand. It would send an important message of empowerment to Filipinas, those devout Catholics, if you allowed them to ascend to the leadership such as it is. Father Leonardo Boff claims there is NO scriptural basis for excluding women from ordination. My friend and mentor Father Roy has been excommunicated and will soon be defrocked for something which has NO scriptural basis.

Also a first thought on the first pages of Bishop Claver's book. If indeed the church only becomes relevant when it engages in local issues and addresses local concerns, why evangelize? The people I know in California would exit the community if evangelism was attempted. It divides a community because by its own definition it excludes the Muslims, Hindus, Jews and atheists. Should not a good community unite?

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