Peace One Day or Every Day

I saw the film "Peace One Day" yesterday. From the film, I thought John Kerry's comments most interesting. They were his first reactions prior to thinking politically about it. He said that the thought that people were a little tired of one day events and did not think they sustain real change. I agree with his first reaction. I also agree with the woman in Afghanistan who said that violence is sometimes the only way to get justice for people. If peace is the absence of conflict then I am not always for peace. I think the revolutions in Cuba, Mexico and the Philippines were conflicts worth their cost and I have lived in all three places among the people (not in hotels or resorts). None of those revolutions have been unqualified successes, but they all have led to more just societies.

But I think that is the point, really. War is a symptom of injustice in many if not most cases. "If you want peace, work for justice!" (Pope Paul VI on Peace Day 1972) father/paul_vi/messages/peace/ documents/hf_p-vi_mes_ 19711208_v-world-day-for- peace_en.html

So what can we do to foster justice? What kind of r/evolution will lead to peace? There are many ways and you don't have to go anywhere to do it. SBProgCoalition/message/4402? l=1

Do it at home if you are able, or answer the call if you can. It seems certain that future conflicts over injustice will be caused by shortages and displacements due to climate change but the fact is that our global economic system is unnatural and dysfunctional.

Sorting Out Possible Scenarios of the Future" by Sharon Astyk (http://us1.campaign-archive1. com/?u= b8e53c620300ae88791163048&id= c8603f7a00)

Adapting in place with choices that both prepare us for a different climate and mitigate climate change is, of course, the very best strategy...truly a win-win outcome. The only things I would add (you knew I would, didn't you):

Adapting in place involves rebuilding community and getting to know and trust one another. It also involves growing our food and sharing it and our methods....and much more.... with one another (much as we have done at garden exchanges). It involves eating fresh, wholesome food that is ripe when picked. It involves spending our time at home, mending and cultivating good things rather than shopping. For the chronic shopper it may take some getting used to but all of these are not sacrifice but satisfaction. Bottom line it is a better life for those who choose this scenario and strategy and while it lessens the chances that climate change will be devastating, it is worth doing and satisfying even IF climate change is not as serious as some say. Finally, our choices are the one thing we truly have control over. We do not have to wait for congress to act responsibly, we can do so. The primary cause of climate change is choices that people make, not governments. Wars are a symptom of these choices.

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