Going Native!

Here are my recommendations for reforestation in the Sierra Madre, Pawpawan to Montalban, all endemic or indigenous in the Philippines: Katmon or dillenia philippinensis, a pioneer Tibig or ficus nota, pioneer Kahoy-dalaga or massaenda philippica, pioneer Lipote or syzygium polycephaloides, pioneer Bakan or litsea philippinensis, pioneer Toog or petersianthus quadrialatus (large tree) not pioneer but endangered Is-is or ficus ulmifolia, pioneer Balete or ficus balete, pioneer and good for ghosts Takip asin or macaranga grandiflora, pioneer Anubing or artocarpus ovatus, pioneer Niog-niogan or ficus psuedoplalma, pioneer Pili or canarium ovatum, shade tolerant (second growth under trees), endangered Malasalimae or hellicia rigidflora, pioneer Binukaw or garcinia binukaw, shade tolerant, fish sinigang!

NOTE! I do not know which of these will best thrive in our area so if you know, share with me.

Best wishes and God Bless, Rowland Lane Anderson for Veritas and Veterans For Peace

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