Idolizing Aggressors

Yesterday's largest newspaper (in the Philippines) featured this as a full page article in the frontmost section:

It seems ridiculous that the legislature of the nation would be giving time to such nonsense when there are so many important issues on the table. The Reproductive Health Act may slow the catastrophic population growth of the Philippines but they are busy banning Bieber?

Yes, Manny is the number one hero in the Philippines and Filipinos are devastated by his fall. In the wake of the murder of children in the USA we may look at our choice of heros. Per capita the Philippines has a much higher murder rate than the USA, 57 innocent civilians were killed in one mass murder recently...including about thirty journalists. One journalist was beaten and injured recently for taking photos of the fallen Pacman. Manny's fame was based primarily on his aggressive style, experts say he was out boxed by both Marquez and Bradley recently. In fact, his aggressiveness led to his fall. If you look at the punch that downed him, he charged into the fist of Marquez and much of the energy was Pacman's.

So I wonder, can we begin to create idols and mentors who are peacemakers, not aggressors?

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