Ducklings into rice

We took delivery of 51 ducklings from the balutan on February 8th. These ducklings were once destined to be eaten as eggs, a Filipino dish called the balut, essentially a partly developed duckling allowed to die in the egg. Our 51 zombie ducklings were removed from the incubator for two weeks but stayed alive. The balutan owner, Agnes, candled them to find out which of the balut were still alive and put them back in the incubator. This was made necessary by my poor planning or math. The rice takes 28 days until transplant and the eggs take 35 days to hatch.

The farm is alive with babies, kittens about to leave their mother's nest, puppies at the stage where they are chewing up everything, kids and calves and chicks and ducklings. It is spring here as summer arrives here in March.

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