Filling the Paddy and Diet

While trying to get enough water into the recently planted rice paddy for the ducks to navigate well, we discovered a drain hole. Engineer Jerry said it was likely a sand pocket under the surface. The farmers rounded up all the old plastic bags and began stuffing them down the hole with a pry bar. It took a lot of plastic bags but finally the hole was sealed. I will never decline a plastic bag while working in rice paddies.

Our diet here at the eco farm may interest some. We eat a lot of perennial tree fruit, coconut, bananas, jackfruit and papaya. The last three are eaten as vegetable and as fruit and the first is used as beverage, seasoning and dessert. Many indigenous plants are eaten, gabi and singapore are types of taro or water lily. Nearly everything is from the farm with the exception of seasonings and the ever present small fish. The one meat that is repeatedly eaten is the native chicken or range chicken, cooked with green papaya and coconut milk to tenderize it.

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