Cockfighting and Culture

The first that I heard about cockfighting here in the Philippines were complaints from women that their father or husband was using family funds to buy special foods and supplements for their fighting cocks or betting on the outcome of cockfights. Then I began to watch and noticed that many grown men were standing or walking with their cocks in their hands, stroking it lovingly. I saw many small boys too young to yet have a fighting cock walking around holding a pigeon and stroking it. I never saw a woman or girl engaged in this practice.

Personally, I find this excuse for a sport to be repugnant and perverted. This is because simple animals are forced into lethal blood sport to satisfy human prurient interests. The practice impoverishes families and sometimes breaks them apart when the father or husband become so addicted that they "go on the road" with their cocks. I have heard repeated stories of women being left as single mothers by men who took their cocks on the fighting circuit.

As a solution I would propose that the government, which sanctions the cock fighting arenas, install a PHILHEALTH (the national health institute) Cock Exchange at every cockfighting arena offering to exchange a man's little cock for a big one with feathers that can compete.

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