Mindoro Occidental State

I visited the Murtha agricultural campus of Mindoro Occidental State College today and met with Drs. Mario Marigmen and Liberato Calanza. As it turns out they tried integrated rice duck and enjoyed the ducks but they suffered an outbreak of duck cholera, likely due to the presence of chickens in the paddy, which manifested as lameness in the ducks and finally death. It was treated by a Dr. Arnel Magarro successfully by medications administered in the food but no one here knows the medication. The program was ended because of the combined cost of pumping water and feed. I told them about azolla and madre de aqua and they were just learning about madre de agua. Since they had one I got cuttings for Father Sil and our future field trials in Mindoro Occidental. By serendipity I also met Mr. Joseph Reynolds, an agro forester who has lived and worked in and around San Jose for 25 yrs. He uses an integrated systems approach to agricultural forestry. He has many tree seedlings, neem, pili nut etc. He uses bio char and has a lot of experience in the upland areas of Mindoro Occidental, both with the Mangyans and otherwise. His expertise is feasibility and marketing. I think he may have a lot to offer to the mission of Veritas.

Since the Bishop has asked me to postpone efforts for a church based field trial in this diocese I will return to Mindoro Oriental after the weekend. Next stop Bulalacao and then Mansalay and to Yason in San Mariano. Photos: Blog:

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