Integrated Rice Duck in Mindoro

I will begin work on a resource and demonstration site for integrated rice duck farming on 40 hectares of land currently used for an old banana and coconut plantation near Gloria, Mindoro Oriental. The property belongs to the Divine Word College in Calapan City, where I am staying now. Tomorrow I will move into a simple nipa hut without electricity or water on the property and begin transplanting cuttings of trichanthera gigantea. We will then look for the duckling supplier and plan the germination and transplanting of the indigenous rice seed to coincide with the hatching of of the ducklings. We then need to buy net fencing and after that I will find azolla and kankong to add to the food supply. The funds donated to Dollars For Ducklings will be used here since this is SVD property. Thanks to Father Flynn for allowing us to collect those funds in San Diego. I will post progress reports here and also photos on my flikr account.

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