Gloria Training Center

I moved onto a forty hectare banana and coconut grove that is to become a demo farm and training center for organic agriculture. There are also groves of mahogany. My part is a fully integrated rice duck plot but I am already involved as well in water supply and composting. I live in a nipa hut and eat the products from the land, bananas, boiled or fresh, coconut water and flesh, papaya, corn, banana heart (the flower, diced and cooked in coconut water) and native or range chicken and eggs. There will be a small integrated rice duck plot near the water source. We are still trying to get enough water for the plot. We have to fix leaks and stop percolation into a sandy loam. When we have that done the integrated rice duck will include ducks, rice, kankong, azolla, fish and fodder trees. Water buffalo, goats and chickens roam the property but we will fence them out of the rice paddy. At night the goats put themselves in the barn and the chickens fly up into the mahogany trees but the water buffalo go where they please. The water buffalo were plowing the soon to be planted egg plant and bean fields. The goats don't do much other than eat things that no other food animal will eat but the water buffalo and chickens are working animals. The farm guys, it is all guys here, climb the coconut trees and bring me coconuts cut open. I munch rice from the plot all day, it was raised organically but not with ducks. The bananas are old and not very good but the flowers are good. The farm guys are teaching me Tagalog and the agricultural engineer is teaching me a lot about agriculture.

Best wishes, Lane

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