MINSCAT/DWCC cooperation

Mindoro State College of Agriculture and Technology (MINSCAT) may assist and support the Divine Word College Center (DWCC) with technical expertise and by sharing knowledge and experience. DWCC will initiate the first integrated rice duck field trial on Mindoro and will share results, experience, mistakes and successes with MINSCAT. MINSCAT in turn has a well developed organic swine program and we may buy swine from them to begin ours. They also have a biogas digester project in the works adjacent to the swine operation and we hope to learn from them. It is our hope at DWCC to test biochar and we wlll share the results and technology with them on that as well.

By working together, DWCC and MINSCAT can be more diverse and effective in advancing permaculture principles for family farmers.

Best wishes and thanks again, Rowland Lane Anderson for Veterans For Peace

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