Mindoro's first field trial

I have located the ducklings, Agnes Ornos, owner of Balutan-Bagong, Palenqke in Victoria at the New Market Place will have them for us first week of February. I will pay for them. The rice is due to be transplanted February 6th and we will integrate the ducklings about February 20th at about 2 weeks of age. This is consistent with "The Power of Duck" and we think it will be a good first field trial. If the ducklings prove to be too young, we will learn from our mistake.

Now my priorities are to build a duck shelter for the ducklings and also plant lots of fodder for them, azolla, kankong and trichanthera.

I am also trying to finish the unfinished hut so I can separate myself from the barking dogs, the smoking and the drinking.

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