Eco Farm Rice Duck Appraisal

Eighteen days after integration of the ducklings I must proceed to a new assignment so I will make a departure appraisal. The ducklings are now 28 days old, the rice is 51days old and 23 days post transplant.

We have lost five ducklings of the fifty or ten percent. This field trial should not be used to appraise productivity potential for the future as planting was incomplete due to a miscalculation at germination and a failure to maintain a sufficient water level did cause some damage in the rice in shallow areas.

I have covered our mistakes previously and made recommendations. Order ducklings before germination. Be sure you have sufficient water to let the ducklings swim, not walk. Separate the small ones at feeding and sleeping times. I would add to this that a "landing pad" where rice will not thrive should be planned for the entrance to the paddy from the duck house.

This first field trial has been a learning experience and should be followed by a second field trial implementing what we learned, utilizing the full paddy and adding azolla and tilapia.

Madre de agua trees, trichanthera gigante, have been planted outside the dike and will provide the feed in the future, it is the first time they are used as paddy perimeter plants.

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