Permaculture in the Philippines

I am training in bamboo engineering at the Cabiokid Foundation. The place is excellent and my only problem with it is that I do not yet speak or understand much Tagalog and most of the lectures and verbal training are in Tagalog. The handouts and visual aids are English but most of the course is verbal and hands on training so I am getting a reduced benefit. I recommend that people interested in permaculture training in the Philippines take a Tagalog course or two before they come to Cabiokid. There is another permaculture training place, an eco village near Cabiokid named the Laughing Fish. There the training is in English and a lot of new age method, meditation etc. is combined with permaculture principles. You can find them at

Now more about Cabiokid and the training here. When you enroll you will be supporting many local Filipinos who are trained so that justifies the Tagalog language. Founder Bert is very dedicated to training the locals and integrating into the local culture. The training is really good, as I said my problem is that I am lazy and have not learned the language. As important as the training is the contacts I am making here. I should be able to make structures on the new project at Baras, Rizal, when I go there. They have bamboo but not enough water or the right soil for integrated rice duck so I am expanding my permaculture tool kit.

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