Monsoon Pleasures

Yes, the monsoon is here, only in the afternoons now but soon it will be more like all day punctuated by typhoons. What is surprising is that when it begins to rain the people come out. It was so hot in March and April that the monsoon is a welcome change! When it began to rain today the children came and crawled into our barrels (the work crew took shelter, they were welding).
Our new deep well, pump and the barrels have become the swimming hole! The construction crew, four Filipinos, are very tolerant of the kids and although the barrels are filled for concrete work they always seem to fill them before they come to town on Sundays. Like in Latin America, there are no lawsuits and if a kid drowns, it is God's Will! From my grass shack I can hear the kids laughing and screaming (written long hand at the site and put on computer later).

I spent the morning planting trees and working on the compost. I wish I had some of my compost and worms but maybe better I get the local varieties. I have trained a local to do the level hedgerows with the A frame so I will work more on the composting and bamboo. The composting is very important because it may get them to stop burning everything. I live near a mango grove and the mangos are really good just now!

The cutest puppy, the male that I was calling Chico, disappeared last Sunday when we were gone and now I only have Betsey, the female. She is not cute so I may be able to keep her. She is gangly with ears too large, looks like a bat!

Rowland Lane Anderson for Veterans For Peace and Veritas

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