Satyagraha in Peace Making

We do face a real threat! Not the phony threats cited in the War on Terror (WMD in Iraq etc) or the War on Drugs, but can we win the War on Warming? Gandhi taught that before you can do away with one way of life we must be planning and introducing an alternative. As Dorothy Day puts it, "building the new world within the shell of the old". This is why PARFUND has started duck hatcheries in Mindanao and why they facilitate integrated rice duck farming for the small farmer. That is how, in the Philippines, chemical farming returns to natural methods. If you want to work for peace, work for justice, as successive Popes have said. What can we build in the shell of the military industrial congressional complex? If you threaten the livelihood of millions that work on defense projects, you will not succeed. If, on the other hand, the goal becomes to assist the world in the War on Warming by strengthening the US capacity to project aid, house refugees and rebuild infrastructure damaged by climate chaos, you might just succeed! I propose that peace workers embrace the hospital ships, the construction corps and the capacity to build refugee camps.

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