The Garden Island of Samal

The Garden Island of Samal is just a thirty minute ferry ride from Davao City, but once out of the port area the island is an unspoiled tropical delight! Finding the resort that suits your style is the challenge. My first try was Fernandez Resort, which had large signs declaring NO DRUNKS ALLOWED, LOUD CONVERSATION OR SHOUTING PROHIBITED AFTER TEN PM!
Well I thought I had found my resort! The excellent resort in Quezon, Palawan, VILLA ESPERANZA, managed by Inday had and enforced a similar rule and I stayed there long term. Sadly, Fernandez was unwilling to enforce their own rules. They told me outright that they were afraid to try to enforce on a bunch of drunks...true cowardice and typical of the many laws in the Philippines that go unenforced by a cowardly and corrupt police force! I will now go to Kaputian Beach Resort on the south side of the island and give a review of it later. Kaputian will be featured on my flickr. I plan to stay on Samal until December when I must return to Manila for a VA checkup at the US Embassy. After that I will choose my long term PI home.

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