Poverty and corruption

Father Nial O'Brien, in his book "Island of Tears, Island of Hope" points out that public service/political corruption in the Philippines mimics cockfighting. That is, the pol or public servant cares not about anything but picking the winner! Morals or ethics do not enter the picture.

So many times I have heard women say that their family is poor because of drinking and/or cockfighting! I wonder why the Catholic church does not take a position regarding these two primary causes of poverty? (according to the poor) I decided, after several such statements by the women that serve me mongos, pan de sal and coffee, to start a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous here.

First I went to the large Catholic church here in the settlement of Kaputian, the district seat. Father Enrique (Ric) understood the problem and immediatly gave space.

When I made fliers up, I went to the Kaputian District Offices where the women working there asked for six of the copies (they have no copy machine). At every restaurant and store I gave a copy to the woman. They put them up in very prominent places and have been friendly to me since!

While the economic system may be the primary cause of poverty here, individual poor women do not see that, they see husbands, fathers and sons smoking, drinking and gambling the money away...or spending it on special supplements for their cocks! (different than the supplements foreigners use for different cocks )

from: Garden Island of Samal, Davao

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