Homesteading in the frontier of Palawan

My most recent mission had me assisting a homesteader in the frontier province of Palawan. The government is allowing people to improve forest property and, in turn, get title. It is one of the best ways to reforest land that had previously been harvested or cleared. I purchase narra and other native trees that are endangered for the homesteader. The current project is a woman who worked for fourteen years 0verseas to purchase rights...that is the term for the homestead privilege...for her father and brothers. She also bought them welding equipment, a tractor and a thresher, along with livestock. She asked for help in reforesting as she had always worked overseas and not as a farmer. When she showed up on the land that she had gotten for herself her brothers were using income from the welding shop, tractor and thresher to get drunk and party. They refused to share the income with her and told her to just go back overseas and work more and send more money home. She is 34 years old and has spent almost half her life supporting her parents and younger siblings so she refused and asked me to help her. Her father says that since she is unmarried and is her daughter that he is entitled to everything she owns and he and the younger brothers cut her fence and threaten her regularly and that is why I have not been more online...I stay there to protect her. I am convinced that they are only trying to scare her into leaving and, since she now has the government people looking into it, I have left for a new effort in Mindanao. I will try to post more now and thank those of you who were inquiring about me.

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