Smuggling in Palawan

In the end my stay in Palawan ended when I exposed a smuggling ring headed by the local political dynasty.

Here was my letter to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources:

Dear DENR, This is from: Rowland Lane Anderson

I am an independent journalist, just google my name or email me for published credits. I have uncovered a serious charcoal smuggling operation in Palawan. The charcoal is being produced in a large prison camp south of Puerto Princesa called Iwahig .
It is smuggled to the DENR property claimed by Eusebio Soreno Limbaga and others on the forest side of the river in Tagbarungis, brgy Inagawan. The smuggling operation and sales is managed by the brgy captain of Inagawan and includes cut trees as well as charcoal from the forests above Inagawan.

The homesteading efforts of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in cooperation with the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) in Palawan are threatened by rampant fraud. Rights holders are parceling and selling land that still belongs to the DENR by making up their own titles and bills of sale. Mostly they are preying on the illiterate so that anything they produce looks official. Among the worst offenders is Eusebio Sereno Limbaga, who got the land rights in purok Tagbarungis, brgy Inagawan, Puerto Princesa due to the generosity and hard work of his daughter, who was working overseas for an oil company. Mr. Limbaga received the money to obtain DENR land rights from his daughter and proceeded to put the parcels in his name and the names of his sons, omitting his daughter as he said "because she is unmarried, everything she owns belongs to me"! Mr. Limbaga not only sold entire parcels as if they were titled but he parceled the parcels and sold portions of other people's declared rights.

Rowland Lane Anderson

Veterans For Peace

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