Taxpayer case for retiring abroad

One man in the USA has said that people who live abroad should not collect social security or government pensions because they don't spend it in the US economy. I want to give my perspective on that.

As a disabled veteran and senior I would be eligible for many subsidies in Santa Barbara and if I wanted to live there I would have to take them all. I know of many other retirees living on social security or veterans pensions that would also have to have subsidized housing in the USA. Since senior disabled veterans go to the front of the line for subsidized housing anyone on it should be glad we are over here!

I recommend retirement in the Philippines for all my disabled veteran comrades. The VA clinic in Manila is the only one on the planet outside of US territories and treats me well. Housing and meals, cost of living, depend on you and the choices you make but my home has been less than two hundred dollars a month and meals heavy with fresh tropical fruit and vegetables are usually less than two dollars.

Rowland Lane Anderson Retiree living on Samal Island, Mindanao

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