Poverty programs

The programs of the government and most of the non profits are all short term effective which do not tackle the core problem. The exception is the Reproductive Health Act (RHA), which is not even designated a poverty reduction program. It will be the most effective in the long term because ultimately population stability is a must to providing future good jobs with good wages and thus eliminating poverty. The number of jobs in a society is fairly constant. The variable is the number of people competing for those jobs. The more people competing for the job, the less the employer must pay in wages to fill the vacancy. The fastest growing population in Asia is providing some of the lowest wages. That is why so many Filipinos go abroad to earn a living wage. Government programs to train Filipinos for work abroad have led to a nurse surplus that has nurses working for nothing in many hospitals in the Philippines. Government and NGO programs that get money, food, education and property to the poor only solves the short term problem and may lead to an even larger population growth in the future. Only population stability can lead to a sustainable and sustained rising living standard.

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