Law Enforcement in Kaputian

Kaputian on Samal Island near Davao City, Mindanao, is a natural paradise. White sand beaches with colorful coral near the shore make it the snorkeler's favorite place. I stayed in Kaputian for more than three months. The only thing ruining the place for tourists is the noise level combined with law enforcement's unwillingness to enforce the law. I moved twice, the first time from Kaputian Beach Resort, an inexpensive government run park that is truly in the best location. My move from the park was due to frequent all night karioke parties. There is both a national law and municipal law requiring quiet after ten pm but the park and police are not willing to enforce the laws. I moved from the park down the road aways south of town so that I was distant from the parties but then the noise from motorcycles that had their baffles removed from the exhaust system proved to be just as loud. In this case there are three laws applicable, a national law that mandates a decibel level, a municipal law that mandates functioning factory mufflers and a motor vehicle code that prohibits "modified nuisance exhaust". My visits with the Mayor, City Administrator and the LTO (Land Transportation Office) ascertained that a PNP (Philippine National Police) senior officer in Kaputian named SPO4 Zimri had been deputized by the city and LTO to enforce the laws regarding motorcycle exhausts. I spoke with him and he seems competant but would not say how he would enforce the law. I will return to Kaputian in April to see if it has been enforced and follow up my report. I would not recommend Kaputian for tourists until after that.

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