Return to Kaputian

One of the most naturally blessed places in the Philippines is Kaputian on the south coast of the Island Garden City of Samal. That is why I returned to see if any effort had been made to enforce the laws intended to bring peace to the place. Kaputian has it all, white sand beaches, clean water coming in from the open sea, coral and tropical fish. Unfortunately it also has hundreds of motorcycles with their baffles removed from the exhaust, in clear violation of city and national laws. Probably it is a machismo thing as the drivers are all men and they sit around in packs like hells angels even though the motorcycles and men are small ones that the hells angels would laugh at. Despite my love for the sea, coral and sea life, I only stayed a few weeks before the noise drove me away. I cannot recommend Kaputian for anyone who is not a drunk or noise lover.

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