Abuse of students

Overpopulation has suppressed wages so severely in the Philippines that a niche has opened up for schools that train Filipinos for work abroad. I recently visited such a school with a Filipina enrolling in the massage therapist program for work abroad. The school is the Kennedy Global School and trains nurses and massage therapists. We entered together and were assured that most graduates would find work abroad, which is so desirable that hospitals actually charge graduate registered nurses to work for nothing! We were also promised a flexible schedule to be structured by the student, a blood pressure testing kit, a manual and a uniform for ten thousand pesos. That was to be payment for the full training. My friend enrolled. The next day when she asked about the blood pressure kit she was told that it was promised by mistake and she would not get one. There was no offer to refund money that she had paid. When she tried to structure her training so that her transport would be less costly (she lives some distance away), she was told that the promise of that kind of flexible schedule was also a mistake and she should attend daily. Again no refund was offered. As weeks passed there were so many alterations from the original promises that we had to come to the conclusion that most were a deliberate attempt to coerce us into paying the ten thousand pesos. When this student excelled at the massage, ranking first in the class, the same employee/educator/administrator of Kennedy Global School that had mistakenly promised her a blood pressure testing kit and a flexible schedule put her to work without pay in the employee/administrator's own spa, doing late night massage without any compensation. The student thought she would get some credit for the work or at least an appraisal she could add to her resume, but there was neither. It seems the woman was ashamed of her misuse and abuse of this student. I am willing and able to provide proof, witnesses etc. for all of this.

Rowland Lane Anderson

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