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"Hollywood High!" With Robert Osborne and Ben Mankiewicz : The "Professors" of Classic Film

As a die hard fan of classic film since I was a kid-The TCM Film Festival '13 promises some great takes on-Cinematic Journeys: Travel in the Movies. Seeing Hollywood classics on the big screens of Grammans, The El Capitan, The Cinerama Dome and The Egyptian theaters! It's time for class as the bell rings for..."Hollywood High!" aka Turner Classic Movies film Festival 2013: With Robert Osborne- Ben Mankiewicz : The "Professors" of Classic Film

TCM Film Festival : Morlock’s, Geeks, The Classic Film Union and Stargazers Take over Hollywood Blvd and the Roosevelt Hotel!

Last April I got to take a resplendent ride on the TCM Classic Film Festival "Bus" in Hollywood...and April 12th I am Back on The Rainbow Bus,Bound for the Church of The Classic Film!

I’ll Settle for Love: Finding A Nice Meal and Learning Not to Need a Big Fish!

Life and love for me has been about learning acceptance and the fine art of contentment.

Cards For Clyde: Dad's Traffic With Cancer...Keep Those Cards and Letters Coming!

Clyde, my dad has lymphoma and in an effort to keep his spirits high, I am asking for cards...for Clyde!

Ice In Paradise...My Church of Skatin! Let's Get It Built!

The capital campaign for the Goleta ice rink is almost half way there.How do we get it all the way to home ice?

A Descendant: The Journey Of A TBI Caregiver

The journey I made as a TBI caregiver.The love,the loss and the forgiveness.

From Ruin Comes Transformation : A Personal Ground Zero

My sons ideas about 9/11 still ring true...10 years later. A personal ground zero brings transformation from ruin.

MAD MEN-Mom....Being a Volunteer Parent

The give and take of being a parent volunteer.Just do it!

You're Right! Fiesta Did NOT Suck!

Usually a hater I am now slowly changing, the 2011 fiesta proved to be a delight in every way and all I had to do was open my front door!

When Did Life Turn Into A Game Of... " Whack a Mole?"

Something is always freaking popping up! I think I have it sussed. I exhale, life is settled, good, balanced and then... wham! Whack a Mole!

Finding The Love... Child

In 1996 I went on location for film and came home with more than a paycheck. My "little bundle" is now 15 and the BEST decision I ever made.

Live Nude Water Babies! The Adventure of Taking Off And Diving In!

When life sux go to the waves and dunk your head...if you are brave you will do it naked!

The End Comes: Powerless to The Passing Of The Loved

With life comes death and being there for each other in the wake of it.

Influenza A and One Sick Man: My Son and I Battle Through One Hellacious Bout!

My son came down with a hellcious case of Influenza A and it has been hell...on both of us!

What Is Happening to The Once Simple Ritual of Oscar Night? I Miss The Santa Monica Civic Center ,The Ride Down Wilshire...and The Way We Were.

It was the sixty's and Oscar night was something very special for Santa Monica, California...and me.

Annette Bening: A Santa Barbara Valentine, Our Hepburn and A Woman of Parts

Annette Bening is honored as... "our Hepburn and a directors best friend" ~Kevin Costner. SBIFF 2011 American Riviera Award

Something Gentle This Way Comes...Dancing - On Ice... Not The Rocks

Getting older doesn't have to be about being lazy. Finding joy and a centered peace on the ice is a new high for me. This old wino has found a new port...the ice rink

A Who In Whoville: Welcome Christmas, Come This Way!

A sad family crisis puts me in the hearts and hands of group of friends. Family is as family does and sometimes you just need to be another "Who in Whoville."

Tuesdays With Declan: It's National Sons Week...And I Need To Gush! From IEP Misfit To Santa Barbara High School “Student Of The Month”

Santa Barbara High School might prove daunting for this SBHS Freshman and Card-Carrying IEP kid. Not this one. My son D. makes real the triumph of the human spirit ! There's No Business, In Bad Business

9 phone calls, 9 emails to Executive Offices and Corporate Headquarters in Conneticut,The Courtyard By Marriot, a call to KEYT and 4 calls to Santa Barbara Credit Union still have not resolved a dilema with

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