I just got an email that the Lobero Foundation intends to drop Circus Camp from their educational programs. What a huge mistake.
Haven't we had enough disappointment as a community in the last month? My twelve year old has been going to Circus Camp for six years. We always look forward to it and so does the city. The kids create the show top to bottom. No pre-produced material. Everything is right off the top of the kid's heads. It is extraordinary and brilliant. My son has blossomed from the visionary inventiveness of the program. My son has fine motor and gross motor deficits and the camp broadens his physical, mental and spiritual awareness. His ability to create from scraps of paper and wood, a whole world of magical and mischievous magnificence
How could this be over! I am so sick of my favorite things in Santa Barbara being taken away. Obliterated by big business and canned entertainment.
The mental agility of our children depends on these creative programs.
Child crave creative outlets. The more creatively demanding the program is the greater the reward to not only the children but also the entire community.
We support their creation and they in turn feel a greater sense of responsibility in their community. If they help initiate creative process they are inspired to do and think for themselves. To be "in" their community and not just "of" it.
I am heart sick about this decision. Can "Circus Camp" find a new sponsor or foundation, a new umbrella to go under? This is not just some little program no one will notice is missing.
Hundreds come to the final Big Top performance. Maybe the performance could be expanded to two nights and sell tickets? Money always helps keep things alive. Like manure, encouraging young things to grow. Corny, yes. But the line rings true here.
Can we please do something to take this program out of the "cancelled" column?
If you have an idea I would love to hear it! I would love to find a way for the Santa Barbara community to rally for this amazingly unique program. Circus Camp isn't just for the kids. It impacts all of us in so many ways. It is a light of hope for the creative brilliance our kids have inside them. The hope that the world is a good and kind place full of loving and generous people. Maybe we are a ways off from the purity of that thought.
But I think that people are really good at heart. Call me crazy. I think this community needs something as sweet and simple as a bunch of kids getting together and doing a show from scratch. Where old toilet paper rolls are the center of a fantastic universe covered in paint and colored paper. Where there is no need for amplifiers or computer generated graphics or sound. Where ooooos and ahhhs are the direct result of a group of kids in the shape of a pile of pixie stix. Where a huge length of nylon fabric becomes a silk thread half a block long and the agile bodies of pint size performers create the slinking affect of silk worms gliding up and down. Where creation and intention are brought to life with no artificial support.
This place is an oasis from dull summer programs that have no creative intention. It is not a day care. It is an active and alive environment where kids can draw on their own imaginations to create something splendid the whole city can enjoy.
Help save Circus Camp!
"Hey my dad has a barn!"

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