Now Open! The Sober Sombrero! Viva la Fiesta!

"All I ask is that you try not to toss your Tequila and confetti egg speckled spit up on my lawn! Gracias! "
~ EM

At this time of year I would like to re-name my home (at least the yard) the, "Sober Sombrero". I live on Figueroa St; just off State and for some reason our lawn is a drunk magnet during Fiesta. I find everything from cameras to confetti eggs in my yard. Not to mention the occasional wayward drunk. This happens all hours of the day and night. Folks just plop in our yard like it is a public park. We don't mind so much. The smokers are the worst. But it does strike a chord in my memory as a drinker and sometimes I just sit on my porch and gaze in wonderment:"was that me?:did I look like that?:uh boy!"
Now I know I am "over-drawn at the karma bank"!

For a lot of sober folk in Santa Barbara, Fiesta is a rough trip to the "guilt bank". The memories of big mistakes and bad choices. Many took their last drink during Fiesta and now have a sobriety date smack dab in the middle of all the "booze soaked" festivities. It can make for some not so fun times in the middle of the biggest "gulp-a-palooza" Santa Barbara has to offer. Tonight State Street and De La Guerra are lined with frolicking stumbling drunks who will continue the "drunk-fest" until Sunday. I think it must seem almost personal to the newly sober, like a personal all out assault saying, "Look! What you can't do any more". Like a universal,"nee ner nee ner neeee ner!"

But there is a way for the non-intoxicated fun-addicts to seek pleasure and amusement without the intoxicants. The FOOD! It is also "taco-palooza" and "carnitas-palooza" and "roasted-corn-palooza". At De La Guerra Plaza today I sampled the Carnitas Taco from the Carnitas Asada Pollo Booth just at the opening of the plaza, where the line stretched 20 people deep. It clipped along nicely and the falling-apart-melt-in-your-mouth-goodness of the Carnitas was fabuloso! Great Pica Di Gallo, fresh hot sauce and sparkling limes are all in plentitude at the condiment table. Accompanied by the sweet Horchata the same booth provides, it is gastronomical steal!

I followed Barney's guidance for Fiesta Eating!

I never knew the actual "order of the day" before and Barney gives great mapping to brilliantly enticing delectables. And he is sooo right. Eat there.
Don't take it to go. You miss the fun of creative mingling with your fellow man. Join a stranger at the tall tables at De La Guerra Plaza. Share your limes. Or show a tourista how it goes. Hey be nice, "they don't know nothin' about no stinkin' limes." Try some of everything. It will support a local non-profit or school. Good for you, good for them. I must say it all tastes even better when it is for a good cause. And then there is the dancing! Today at the De La Guerra stage there was a group from Lompoc, the Garcia studio. They were a great little troupe with two principle dancers under eleven and a finale to die for. I don't know about you but I haven't seen a lot of Bollywood Flamenco. Flamenco feet with Bollywood hips. Wahoo!

Hey! If you can't beat em' join em':right? This is life. We have choices all day long. Even as a sober person. You do not have to resign yourself to life of non-inclusion. Drunken people and drinking will always exist. You do not have to be one to enjoy and I mean deliciously ENJOY making fun of them as they stumble about "thinking" they are having fun. Only to find they have no memory of the night before and black g-sting panties with the name "Delores" embroidered on them, pasted to their foreheads. It is our right as sober drunks to ridicule our kind. They are family and we have a duty to make them feel at home.

The Santa Barbara Fiesta booz-a-rama food-a-rama continues through Sunday. Eat your way through Barneys two columns.
And while it is all happening :there are over 200 AA meetings in Santa Barbara:just in case...Viva La Fiesta!
Aye Chihuahua!


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Miss E They are everywhere! The crazed fiesta drinkers
I dodged 3 accidents
How funny you are
Do they really throw up on your lawn?
The unkind youth are running rampant downtown!
I do love the confetti eggheads!

gotosantorini (anonymous profile)
August 8, 2009 at 8:24 p.m. (Suggest removal)

It's funny how S.B. is such an ostensibly health-conscious place while at the same time it is so booze-obsessed that the only thing missing on lower State Street is an altar where people can go to worship Bacchus/Dionysus.

A nice statue of the viticultural deity should go up in de la Guerra Plaza with the words "know when to say when" or perhaps even "this Bud's for you" emblazoned upon the marble podium where it would be placed.

billclausen (anonymous profile)
August 13, 2009 at 9:32 p.m. (Suggest removal)

I missed this blog until just now! Fiesta is getting to be such a drunk-fest. You slay me with your zany humor.
We all need to avoid confetti speckled spit up,don't ya think?
And will the city think about expanding the confetti clean-up to Bath st and Santa Barbara st. We have it in the cracks of our pavement and it is still tracking into our house.

filmhead (anonymous profile)
August 16, 2009 at 1:08 p.m. (Suggest removal)

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