A Life Of Our Own: Joins The Sober Scene in SB

"I'm wild again, beguiled again:
A simpering, whimpering child again:
Bewitched, bothered and bewildered - am I"
~Ella Fitzgerald

Last year Santa Barbara County discontinued the 211 services.
The only resource for sober support was AA Central office.
Not everyone gets sober through AA. There was a wide gap that needed a bridge.
Santa Barbara sorely lacked a network for the old and newly sober to find social interaction. is that bridge!
It is...
A place to find happenings and sober connections. A place to read opinions with a sober bent. A place to blog and post.
A place to remember those in our community who have passed. A place to find a social life in sobriety. There are job postings and want ads. A place to share ideas and create new ones. It is what you make of it.

You are sober not dead.
If you deny yourself the things that make you, "you."
You run a far greater risk of "going out" and finding it. Like a bad diet. You will cheat if you feel deprived. Sobriety has nothing to do with depriving yourself. It is about abundance, joy and finding your happy destiny.

New to Santa Barbara!
A place were sober folks, old and new, can mix and mingle.
Post events and opinions. Send E-cards and find services.
Like a sober Facebook, has the makings of a groovy-cool network for those who want to have fun sans the alcohol.
It is an idea whose time has come!

Initially when I was getting sober I hid. I isolated:a lot.
I was afraid to do the things I liked to do because a lot of what I liked to do had alcohol around it. I like to dance. Dancing is done in clubs and bars. Those guys (bartenders) LOVE you, (the customer) to drink. The theory being the more money you spend:the bigger the tip. If you don't spend money you will not tip. The minute you say, "I'll have a soda water with:."
Their eyes glaze over in unabashed disappointment and they are suddenly uninterested because they think non-drinkers don't tip.

Lame assumption that. I was a bartender and a waiter and a cocktail waitress. I know how to tip. In fact the bartenders I know, know me:and I get great service. I have friends all over State Street. So what was I so afraid of? It took me sooo darn long to just go out with friends and dance and play. My head played a trick on me. I thought, "no fun for you anymore missy:you wore out your welcome:you have lost your privilege:you get to spend the rest of your days in service to others and your family:and that's that!"
So what am I ~ a nun?

Now you can bypass the loneliness and get your groove on!

Let me make something perfectly clear.
I am sober:I am not dead.I still eat,drink Pellagrino and play!
I play every much as posssible!
I am happy (as happy as anyone from a family of depressives can be) and I have a full rich life. I deserve (like every other hot blooded American woman) to go out and let my freak flag fly. And so I do. Just give me a Sugar Free Red Bull or Rockstar or (even better) some fresh brewed ice tea and this girl is a dancing fool! Maybe just a fool. Hell I don't care, I just want to dance and mingle and feel the presence of other humans having a good time.
The press of human flesh in a Tango or better yet a hug. I love hugs!

If you are new to sobriety will give you resources and connections. Recovery Fusion is the counter-part and offers real support. The "hotline" is sober culture with support. Recovery Fusion is support, more like the business of sobriety.

The hardest part about the beginning of sobriety is "de-fragging" your "daisy-chain" of friendships. You will learn fairly quickly how boring drunks really are and the stinging-reality that will lash your little brain:"did I really sound like that" and your inner blushing response:"ee gads:yes I did:ew!"
Karma, karma, karma!

So now you are past some minor growing pains and you want to get out there in the social mix. Well:here ya go.
The website just opened up so you will be on the "flagship".
And if you know Nautical stuff ( not me:I just like the word "Flagship"..yo ho..matie!) Being on the flagship is a strong position to have. You are first in line.

It doesn't cost a thing. Just a simple sign up and your off.
There are contributions from various sources, including:yours truly:"The Sober Spitbath lady": as far as handles go, this one has a lot of potential:for good and bad:I hear em all:hey it all reads as love to me:and who doesn't love a little love!

Being sober is not like being a bible belt Baptist.
There is no hell in sobriety...we have all already been there!
We are aloud to dance, have sex, do whatever we want and our personal morals/code allow:we just don't drink.
I live just off State Street and I am constantly running into members of our "festive" fold. Eating out, going to movies, live music and performance. The only thing different about us is we remember what we did and we don't have a nasty sick headache in the morning or wonder who the naked blond is next to us:. hopefully.

We have a walloping good time just being alive.
Live, love, laugh and be happy.
My motto-mantra is:
" I am wild again, beguild again, a simpering whimpering child again:bewitched bothered and bewildered"...ok I borrowed it from Ella...but it suites. is a place to start your journey on "the road to happy destiny."
Now get out there and have some fun:will ya!

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