Set Sail on The SS SB Film Fest

I am always a little nervous on opening night. I haven't done this circuit enough to feel "at ease" and I don't drink so there is no "anesthetic" to calm the nerves. Why nervous? I am not in any of the movies nor am I in any front line role. Still I "rattle" just before the opener. I get excited. And I walk this walk alone. No handy fiance' to lean on like a prom date. My date is me.

Nerves are not unusual apparently. I surveyed the crowd and found several folks who don't "know" what they are doing at these things. Drinking or not it is a social hot bed. The possibility that you could see just about anyone is not out of the question and therefore until you get your allies "sussed" you can see folks floundering...searching for familiar faces. Rober Durlings suggestion to, "take the time to get know the people around you!" So now I am on a mission.

The opening film "Flying Lesson" was, well- rather unraveled. Like a grand hoop-skirt without a hem ...only it was a really big complicated skirt with lots of folds and a very busy pattern on the fabric. The optimal suggestion-tighten. The film could use some strong editing. But it was a delight to see and hear Mr. Holbrook. His cherubic face and demeanor made the film. Most of my "cronies" agreed. "too long...too scattered...should not have had a drink before the film...too many story lines'' The comments continued...with lots of "too's."

When the film ended we all piled out of doors of the Arlington in a huge procession toward Paseo Nuevo. Like a huge renegade-tail-gate party. Upon entering the party a nice lady offered me a Coke Zero and I was on my way.

Marmalade Café offering was a tasty Ahi-tartar on crisp wonton with seaweed and avo...yummers! Fresco's antipasto bar...grilled thinly sliced eggplant, roasted peppers, rolled goat cheese in toasted sesame seeds, rare roast beef and freshly roasted garlic. Chipolte offered spicy Carnitas on crisp corn tortillas with a drizzle of sour cream and a sprig of Cilantro. Yum, yum, yum and yum.

I chatted with several locals. Some friends who make movies. Some friends who run non-profit arts orgs. Many of the local "Glitteratti" were on hand.

All in all a nice mix. And the weather held. I threw in the towel at 12:20. I have kids to get to school in the AM and then the "S.S. S.B. Film Fest", sets sail again. The morning offerings at the Metro begin at 8am. I usually do two or three films in the morning and then take a break and return in the evening. Trying to fit Joes' "café society" into the mix. Feed children, chop wood, carry water and then back for the late night fare.

Like a cruise without the sea sickness and tacky Hawaiian shirts (well maybe a few tacky Hawaiin shirts)we all enjoy the cruise. Mostly wearing the traditional "I am serious about film'"... Black. Bon voyage!

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