You're Right! Fiesta Did NOT Suck!

Whoa there! Easy kids. Man - we do like to jump on a wagon now don't we. After reading the comments to Matt's article...I had to chime in.

Sorry lose!

I have to agree with Matt!

Fiesta 2011 did not suck! In fact it was a delight!

We live on Figueroa St (near the Indy offices) and I too have been a massive hater. People throwing up on our lawn..sleeping in our bushes (yes I said SLEEPING in our bushes...and other things)

But this year...I don't know. Call it nostalgia...??

On Friday morning I was driving down State St and I was overcome with a sense of urgency. I hurried back to my house and grabbed two camping chairs, a Mexican blanket, some twine,a few sheets of blank paper, a Sharpee and some street chalk. I quickly scanned State St and the best spot was in front of Sak's 5th Ave (3 blocks from my house) I pulled up, jumped out of the car and nailed a spot down. I was a bit concerned about our blanket, so I used thin metal wire to secure it to the chairs. This was at about 7 a.m. I went home, woke my son up for SBHS (Go Dons!) Cross Country practice and fed him breakfast. I had a rental car until noon that day because my car was in the shop. Then the weirdest thing happened...I was on the phone with my 89 year old Dad and he said he wanted to go to the which I proclaimed..."I have a great spot...can you get your helper Cora, deliver you to a spot in front of Sak' has our name on it!" He said yes and we were off. At 11:30 I picked up my son at Shoreline Park after practice (Go Dons!) and delivered him to the same spot and while I returned the rental car, my son met with my Dad and his helper. Dad is in a wheelchair and I had (intuitively) marked the spot "handicap" with the street chalk.

It went so easily and we were all in our seats by 12:15. I had dropped bottled water into the seats on my way to pick up my son. A REALLYnice parade volunteer was already stationed there and said my stuff would be safe because he was stationed there.

My Dad had not seen the parade for 50 YEARS! My son and I had NEVER seen it.

I don't know...horses and pavement make my stomach turn. And then an unfortunate event happened while I was working at the Territory Ahead in 2000...a horse had dropped dead...from heat...the saddle....I don't know...but it turned me against the parade. But a friend told me about rubber horse shoes and kinder handlers.

I am still not too wupped up about very blond people in Mexican attire...just seems like we are culture robbing ...but that's just me.

So the parade was a hit. Another nice parade volunteer actually wheeled Dad down ot the spot! If any of you have ever had to manage parents and wheel chairs, you know what a gift a little help is! So Dad was in place, my son was on shotgun and I arrived,fresh as a daisy in white with a myriad of flowers in my hair. I was in it to win it (sorry I know "Idol" quotes are spazzy...and so I am) My Dad got to describe all sorts of horses to my son, his Grand son. Dapple Grays being his favorite. (who knew Dad knew so much) We got some great pics. A photog wizzed by grabbed my (very precious) Canin Eos Rebel t2i and snapped us all! So there we were, happy as clams, easy in, easy out and not too much of a sunburn...because...weirdest of all...we were under a tree. I know. We landed a spot under a tree! Heaven had given us a few choice breaks and made the day easy.

Now we come to Friday night and McKenzie Park. I found parking 10 steps from the entrance within 5 minutes. My son had his stage and I had mine. Which included a nice visit with Josh Brolin, who I have to say was gracious as gracious can be. He was safe in the enclave of the Beer Garden and in true-well-manored-Santa Barbara fashion....we left him alone. The odd young lady would ask him for a pic and he obliged.

The music was great on both stages and good hot coffee could be had across the street at the Shell station. My son saw his pal's band "False Puppet" and I saw a few fun copy bands..and some old friend's. One was a bit drunk and at one point I heard my phone buzz and looked down to find the text "who is that man standing next to you" from my son...spying on me from the fence outside the beer garden. Darn proud of the boy for protecting his Mum! And yes... I do tend to linger with my still-drunk friends when it is not always wise or either of us.

We repeated the visit on Saturday night. Parking took awhile longer which simply gave my son and I a chance to chat. Hard to do with a wandering -14 year I did not mind. The music was better at the all ages stage Saturday where the last band's lead singer ROCKED IT! What a voice...who was that kid and what is that band called? Really AH-mazingly mature vocals!

Again the Shell station provided great coffee and I bought lots of friendship bracelets which I have an affection for these days. Each running between $2-$5.

I meant to get confetti eggs for Yoshi our local Sushi chef...alas I did not.

We ended Fiesta weekend with an opera...yyyeeesss I said opera. My fiance's Mom gave us tickets to MAW's "The Barber Of Seville" and we got dressed in our casual chic fashions and walked the 3 blocks to the Granada. It was a delightful opera. It was packed. Yep! 2:30 on Fiesta Sunday! And ended the weekend on an all together delightfull note!

This year we enjoyed what was right in front of us and all we had to do was let it in. Some times joy is very simple. It is as simple as putting a flower in your hair and walking out of your front door. Viva la fiesta!

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