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SBHS Teachers Appreciation Lunch

As you go through your life, if you are smart and lucky--your life shows you exactly…I mean like a physical geographic map...where you should be. And I should apparently now take all of my God given talent to the school that will house my children for the next seven years....Santa Barbara High School.

With John Becchio as the new Principal, there is a bright and brilliant new energy flowing through these halls. John inspired me as a Junior High parent and now...I have hit my stride. To serve is clearly the way I can help support the school. So I have gotten better at it. I have learned from great parents who volunteer,donate and do and have for years.

SBHS MAD Academy's Dan Williams

I had an awakening a few years ago. I need to be a better parent outside the home. I learned the best way to support my kids is to support the folks that support them during the day. So I sought to become more useful while my kids are in school. I have certain talents and I am simply investing my talents at a higher level to help the school. This is exactly perfect for me. I am like an Eckhart Tolle incarnation and poster Mom.I am here and now…doing this. This…that which is about being the BEST damn parent volunteer I can be!

Hell, these poor teachers get bloody well FIRED every single year! What is that about? Can someone please explain in short, why we FIRE our best and our brightest EVERY year? Maybe if we had the power to fire oh I don’t know…the entire Wall Street Mob that sucked the American people dry in ’08 and apparently can’t read their own writing (or at least signitures) and PAY US BACK….fire those guys until they at least set up a stealth repayment contract with America. That is a fireing I can get right behind. But teachers? It makes me sick to my stomach.

I have friends who have been living with this phenomenon for the last decade. Yep! They get what is politely called “pinked” every June and re-hired every August. So why the bother? They say…”I love my job” “I love the kids” “I love making a difference”….clearly they love, so why don’t we? And then I take that notion home and think…”why don’t I …just... DO SOMETHING!”

What can I do as a parent to help the teachers?*

Well…I can put on some swank-a-listic-exbialadocious lunches with lots of schwag and lots and LOTS of love. In my best mind, body and soul all I can think is … ”How do I let these people know we love and support them for giving our kids the best possible chance at great and independent lives” The world is a hard place to find comfort in these days. If this generation can learn that the workings of their minds,bodies and spirits may change the world and their destiny…then I can bake some stuff and pour coffee.

You know, I learned…realized…woke up to the fact that I am just a cell in this huge microcosm and that made me feel better about the whole business. Because at the cellular level, we can all find a way to participate. And if Charles Schwab is reading this…you are a Don and you need to get that fat check book out and Pony up mister! What the heck, wouldn’t you just love a stadium, track or field named after you? That way you get to live forever! Unlike the Stock Market, the return on this investment is a sure thing! Best bet ever! And it may even help you and few thousand of your friends re-pay their debt to the Karma bank!

Every single human I have ever met. Every experience I have ever had-- has lead me here to be this. Years of coordinating commercials, photo shoots, locations. events, film crews, catering, editing, dinner parties, daily’s with dinner at some swank restaurant at three a.m. and me bribing waiters to stay….all of this work has prepped me for the best non-paying gig ever!

Okay so now the notion of ..”be careful of what you ask for” comes into full bloom. I see where all of the gifts I have experienced are taking me. And it is odd, because it was a place so painful for me that NO ONE ever saw my real face….High School.

Wahoo! I just landed the biggest do-over ever!

I am back in High School and my job…my soul …yes my SOUL purpose is to make people feel loved, valued, worshipped,adored, well fed and happy! And ya know what? I can do that. Because I have found a home in a place as strange as Santa Barbara High School!

These moments when we are delivered to the place--where we can be of the best possible use to humanity These moments--are they not miracles? What is heaven if not the place where we feel we areour soul and we have been delivered into our divine purpose.

So as airy fairy as it sounds, I am here and now…doing this. I am feeling good. Purposeful. Scared. Excited. Wistful. Overwhelmed. Curious. Ambitious. Ever Expanding and Delightfully at ease with the world.

So what can you do? You can volunteer! There is no form of love so great as the one who gives of himself with no expectation of a return on his investment. The warmth we feel after giving at this level is so great I think it would cure some great ill were it to be bottled. Some deep hurt—would finally be healed.

There is the possibility that this action and participation may give others hope. You see we are dealing with HUGE financial strain…so deep…some teachers…HAVE NO BOOKS. You heard me right. Some teachers have no “class set” of books. Fundamentally if we were to say to ourselves…”how can I do the greatest good” and then listen for the universe to respond. It might feel like a wave of energy sweeping through our hearts and minds. The energy might work into inspiration and then a deep sense of peace. Not a bad return actually.

Volunteering is a creative and demanding venture. Why go little? If you have lots of loot--write a BIG check. If you know a business that has goods are services needed--get them to donate. If you own a business try to find out if what you sell or service can be used at the school or for a school function.

Think ABUNDANTLY...think BRAVELY...and ACT!

If I believe in my son(s) and their future, then isn’t it my responsibility to be a part of that educational process?

So to that end, I have to find a way to support them. To help. The teachers, students, coaches, tutors, admin,staff, CalSafe…all of them…this place…this place is like a town inside of a town….a veritable microcosm of possibility. A quilt that the kids can wrap around themselves and will hold them as they grow,learn and change. Right now this quilt is Santa Barbara High School in all of it's varied colors and designs...extroidinary and diverse.

And as one curiously strong mom wails out her commitment to what she believes is real and possible and good. Go volunteer!!! Go Dons!!! free counter
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