We Will Barack You

Elizabeth Schwyzer is blogging on the campaign trail in Colorado, where she is getting the word out about Barack Obama until Election Day.

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Nov 5: The Dawn of a New Day: Elation, Exhaustion, and a lot of Paperwork

The work's not over, but now it's a whole lot more fun.

Nov 3: Sleepless in Colorado: Polls Open in Less than 6 Hours

We're scrambling to prepare for tomorrow's all-out effort.

Nov 2: Barack the House: Wringing Obama Votes out of Pueblo

The first day of get-out-the-vote canvassing proves chaotic, successful.

Nov 1: Blast Off: Deployment to Swing State Colorado

After 12 hours of travel, I've reached my destination--and been put straight to work.

Oct 31. The Final Countdown: 120 More Hours

Five days left to the finish line of a long race, and I'm stepping in for the final push.

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