Nov 3: Sleepless in Colorado: Polls Open in Less than 6 Hours

It's 1:30am. The fluorescent lights are buzzing, and office smells like the moldering wood chips in the bottom of a hamster cage. There are five of us in here rushing in circles, picking up papers and putting them down again. We're all so tired, none of us can focus on anything for more than a few minutes. Today we contacted over 1,2000 voters. I supervised 8 canvassers who knocked on about 800 doors. Tomorrow we'll go back into the same turf and try to get to everyone we missed, plus everyone who supports Barack and plans to vote on election day. I have no idea how we're going to pull this off; I don't even know how we pulled it off today. I'd like to be able to say more, but I have neither the time nor the presence of mind to make sense of anything right now. I'll try to blog again after the polls close here, at 7pm. May the best man-Obama of course-win.

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