Damage report

As of 2:00 P.M. Friday, the following buildings were damaged by the fire, according to Westmont's Student Life staff...

  • Bauder Hall (Psychology Department) was lost.
  • The math building was lost.
  • The physics building was lost.
  • The quonset huts, or modular classrooms, was also lost.
  • Clark Hall: The residence director's home, the top floors of sections M and S were all lost. Also, the rooftops will of other sections were also affected.
  • Page Hall: There are several rooms that are "uninhabitable."
  • Armington Hall: No damaged has been reported, thus far.
  • Van Kampen Hall: No damage to the building; however, there have been reports of burnt plants surrounding the building.
  • Emerson Hall: The structure of the dorm is undamaged; however, shrubs on the exterior have been damaged. Also, the resident director's backyard deck was lost.
  • There are also some natural gas leaks and water/sprinklers that are damaged.
  • 14 homes in Las Barancas, the faculty housing neighborhood, have been lost.

Due to the design of Westmont's campus and a large number of ravines and creeks, some of the fires were contained before they could damage other buildings.

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