Photos of Westmont

Here are some photos from students who were on Westmont's campus yesterday evening and this morning. As the Horizon continues to get photos, more will be added to this blog.

At the construction site of the new dorm, near Armington and Van Kampen Hall, a fire burned most shurbs near the ground. (PHOTO BY BRANDON PREDDY)

Trees and shrubs around the baseball field were burnt. (PHOTO BY GRAHAM HAMMER)

Outside of the Armington residence hall, a person from Westmont's staff can be seen putting out a brush-fires.

Last night, students waited in the gym for flames to subside. (PHOTO BY SARAH DAVIS)

Pillows and blankets from the community and the Red Cross are seen stacked-up as Murchison Gym is cleaned up after a long night. (PHOTO BY TARA TRAN)

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