Sauvignon Blanc on the Beach

The other night some friends and I headed over to Boathouse in celebration of the fantastic weather. After sipping the house wine (a mediocre Chardonnay) for the sake of taking advantage of happy hour, it was time to move onto a bigger, better wine.

After deciding that a Sauvignon Blanc would best complement the warm, balmy evening, our waiter divulged that the restaurant had just added Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc to their wine inventory--so new it had not yet made the wine list.

I had never tasted anything from Oyster Bay-- a winery located on New Zealand's Marlborough Bay-- but I immediately learned that this wine has just about everything I admire about Sauv Blanc.

Crispy and refreshing, with a splash of passion fruit on the finish, this great-for-warm-weather white retails for, amazingly, about $10.

Moral of the story: Skip happy hour and bring a bottle of this to the beach instead.

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